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We present Agreement is represented the offer to settle a contract for the provision of advertising services by TRAFFIC HIT ( Poblast Limited )  in accordance with terms and conditions here of.

1. The Agreement subject.

1.1 The Company provides advertising services in return for a consideration, and the Customer (here in after referred to as the Advertiser) agrees to accept it and pay in full. Services should be provided from the date of payment receipt implementation in a electronic system during the period of validity of the present Agreement.

1.2 The cost estimate is produced by the electronic system, in accordance with prices specified per a placement.

2. The general terms.

2.1 The Advertiser accepts the Agreement’s terms in its entirely without any exceptions and reservations by passing the registration procedure in the electronic system situated on https://traffichit.net

2.2 If the Advertiser disagrees with any statements of the Agreement, the Advertiser shall not employ the Company`s services.

2.3 The Advertiser agrees that it will provided true and complete information for registration in accordance with the registration form and maintain this information up-to-date.

2.4 The Advertiser is solely responsible for safety and security of means of access and also provide a secure access to the personal account in the system by itself. All actions implemented by using the Advertiser`s login and password are considered to be executed by the Advertiser.

2.5 The Advertiser gets services accomplishment statistics, accrued fees, unit price and another information from the electronic system.

3. The services cost and order of payment.

3.1 Services are provided to the Advertiser in terms of payment in advance. The Advertiser makes an advance payment in amount of 100% (one hundred) of the total cost ordered services, based on the invoice to be paid during 5 office days from the date of the invoice. Advertiser accepts terms and conditions of the Agreement by invoice payment, whereby the conclusion of the agreement.

3.2 Wire payment should be made by the Advertiser according to the invoice details.

3.3 Accounting business period of services accomplishment is estimated in accordance with a termination of every advertisement service provided to the Advertiser.

3.4 Unilateral acts of services accomplishment are formed and addressed to the Advertiser in accordance with termination of every completed advertising service through e-mail during 72 hours.

3.5 If the Company did not receive reasonable statement of defense from the Advertiser during 15 days from the date of the end of accounting business period, services are appropriately rendered by the Company.

3.6 The Parts should adjust a principal conditions before running an advertising campaign, it includes advertising format, shows frequency, budget, day limits, targeting and another conditions. This terms should be agreed upon between the Advertiser and the Company through the electronic system. The Company should confirm the consent sending a confirmation to the Advertiser by email.

4. Rights and liabilities.

4.1 The Company reserve right not to post media that break the Online Advertising law. The Advertiser takes all risks implied by breaking the law in the country where an advertisement is placed.

4.2 The Advertiser pays damage in full to the Company if promotional materials provided by the Advertiser contain viruses or illegal content.

4.3 The Company reserves right:

4.3.1 To stop service accomplishment if the cost of service has become equal or exceeds the amount transferred by Advertiser as an advance payment;

4.3.2 To stop temporarily service accomplishment according to the present Agreement due to technical, technological grounds and another obstacles to the service accomplishment for the time of fixing;

4.3.3 The Parts are governed by Republic of Latvia legislation in force in all cases not provided by the present Agreement.

5. Duration and procedure for amending the agreement.

5.1 The present agreement comes into force from the its distribution on website: https://traffichit.net

5.2 The Company reserves right to make changes to the Agreement terms and\or withdraw the offer at any moment at the Company’s own discretion.

6. The Agreement duration, procedure for concluding, termination and prolongation of the Agreement.

6.1 The Agreement for advertising services accomplishment is concluded from the date of the offer acceptance by the Advertiser, precisely when the Advertiser pay an issued bill in advance.

6.2 The Agreement for advertising services accomplishment comes into force from the date of offer acceptance by the Advertiser and it is valid during 1(one) calendar year. If none of the Parties submit to terminate the Agreement upon the expiration, the present Agreement is prolongated for 1 (one) calendar year more.

6.3 The Parts can terminate the present Agreement by mutual consent or at the discretion by either Party.

6.4 A notification of a termination should be emailed in advance of 5 (five) business days up to the date of a termination.

6.5 The present Agreement is considered terminated from the date of receipt of notification by the other Part.

6.6 In case of termination of the present Agreement on its own initiative, the Advertiser is obliged to terminate any advertisment campaigns, referred to in paragraph 2 of this Regulation to the date of sending the notification.

6.7 In case of termination the present Agreement by the Advertiser, the Company refund its money on deposit to the Advertiser within 1(one) month from the date of termination the present Agreement according to details as specified in the Agreement.

Company details:

TRAFFIC HIT  (Popblast Limited.)

e-mail: [email protected]